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Core areas of business

Digital Era is Committed

To provide secure, reliable, economic and innovative information technology solutions and services in alignment with international standards. Enabling business cost-effective Digital transformation with excellence in service quality through Digital Era’s core areas of business.


CyberSecurity solution from Digital Era
  • Security solutions for Information Technology Systems, applications, services and Networks infrastructure​.
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Cognitive and analytics .
  • IT audit and  Fraud protection.

  • Training Services.



Technical support

Digital Era's Business Consultation service
  • Consulting & Technical support for Information Technology Systems, applications, services and Networks infrastructure.

  • Dynamic  and static penetration tests for applications or websites (Securing DevOps/DevSecOps) .

Cloud computing,Agility



  • Systems and Networks Infrastructure Virtualization.

  • Private, Public and Hybrid cloud implementations and  Management.

Integrated Information systems (IIS)

Digital Era's Integrated Information Systems solutions
  • Analysis and development for Integrated information systems. Including Structural  & Non-structural Database and Big Data management.

  • Training Services.

IT Mobility

Collabration through Mobile Globalization concept
  • Mobile Solutions and IT Collaboration

Systems Networks infrastructure

Digital Era's IT solutions connect you to your business’ success.
  • Designing, Sourcing and the implementation & management services.

  • Custom-built server and network solutions.

  • Fiber to the Office (FTTO) technology.

  • Training Services.

Enabling Business by Technology


DIGITAL ERA | Enabling Business by Technology.
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